• Rookie Camp
    Age 5-7  -  
    3 Days / 2 Nights

    A great way to start your camping experience! Rookie Camp is for our youngest campers, and is packed with games, crafts, water fun, stories, and more.

    If necessary, parents are free to treat this as a day camp, taking their children home for the evenings.
    Day camp times are from 9am (registration day at 9:30am) until 4pm.

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  • Junior 1 & Junior 2
    Age 7-9  -  5 Days / 4 Nights

    Junior campers love the big games, fun activities, and new skills of these camps that introduce a bigger program for bigger kids. Make new friends, and join in the excitement as you find out about God’s love and how special you are to Him. Come ready to have the best week of your summer!

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  • Splashdown
    Age 9-12  -  6 Days / 5 Nights

    Get ready to make a mid-summer splash! This camp combines the best of the summer, and is designed with exclusive attention to that beautiful H2O. Liquid is top priority, with exciting water games, more time for lake swimming, blobbing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle-boating and sliding. Think water balloons, water guns, water sports and water fights! It’s all things aqueous…so dive in!

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  • Action Camp
    Age 10-12  -  6 Days / 5 Nights

    Come with an extra dose of adrenaline for this energy-enthused camp! We’ve got brand new activities to get you moving, and while you are there, try out beach volleyball, sports on our new playing field, or maybe a round of Frenzyball. Enjoy campfires, waterfront, great laughs with friends, and solid teaching about God’s love. This is a week you will never forget. If you’ve got pep, then this camp is for you.

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  • i-Wild  (Intermediate Wilderness)
    Age 10-13  -  i-Wild Girls: 5 Days / 4 Nights
                            i-Wild Boys: 6 Days / 5 Nights

    Following the amazing success of last year, i-Wild will continue to offer week long adventures at our Wilderness Site for Girls and Guys.

    Ready for new adventures and exciting experiences? A place where friendships can flourish and deepen?  i-Wild takes you there and beyond. Camp in tents, cook on the fire, travel the trails, fish the lake, jump the wake, find the treasures, scale the walls, hit the targets; you won’t have to find the fun, - the fun will find you!

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  • DYP (Develop Your Passion)
    Age 12-14  -  6 Days / 5 Nights

    Ascend, Create, Excel or Survive! Which one excites you most?

    DYP will allow you to experience camp in an entirely new way; as a place where your interests and skills can be identified, developed and expressed. We believe God creates us to glorify Him through the things we love, and DYP will encourage you to acknowledge and rediscover the Creator of the things you are most passionate about, all while being given opportunities to take these interests to the next level.

    Campers who sign up for DYP will be able to choose from one of four specialities... or maybe even get a sample of them all!

    Ascend--Calling all avid and aspiring climbers! Canoe a lake, hike a mountain, conquer a peak and climb to new heights as you develop your skills on both tower and rock.
    Create--Draw, mold, shape and create. Discover and express your inner artist through this DYP stream for young creatives.
    Excel--Rediscover your sport in a new setting, and take it to the next level. There's opportunity for focus on soccer, basketball, and volleyball.
    Survival--Catch it, cook it, build it, sleep in it; navigate your way through this DYP stream that leads to adventure and discovery!

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  • Teen Camp
    Age 13-16  -  7 Days / 6 Nights

    Everything is bigger at Teen Camp! Whether you want to get energized, or chill with your friends, Teen camp mixes it up with something for everyone. Dive into the familiar, or experience something new! Try tubing, slingshot paintball, overnight camp-outs, crazy-fun games, stretching your limits on the climbing wall; and all whilst discovering and rediscovering who God is and why we are here.

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  • LTS 1 & LTS 2  (Learning To Serve)
    Age 14-16  -  12 Days / 10 Nights

    These two-week camps are geared toward discipleship and growth through team building, serving and working together, skill development, Bible study, and fun activities. Applicants should be willing to serve others and have a desire to know more about Jesus. LTS runs parallel to our summer camps with a two-day break at the weekend and is the first step toward leadership positions at ELBC.

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  • L.I.T.  (Leaders In Training)
    Age 15-17  -  17 Days / 14 Nights

    This 3-week leadership training camp (home on the weekends) is designed to build into future leaders both the passion and ability to serve in the exciting realm of camp ministry, and beyond. If you have completed grade 10 and have a growing relationship with Jesus and a desire to serve others, this could be the camp for you!

    See www.elbc.ca for more details and an application form.

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